Protect your brand for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas… until the new year! launches a dedicated offer to protect brands over the holiday season

Phishing and counterfeiting are at an all-time high during the shopping and holiday season and that cost should not be a deterrent for companies, IP Metro is launching a dedicated program for both SMEs and Fortune 500 companies willing to protect their brands and reputations at this crucial time.

With more than 300,000 attacks recorded in December 2021, phishing incidents have become more than three times as common as they were less than two years ago, and all indicators show that numbers should be even higher this shopping season. Phishing is a critical issue as it can drastically lower customer trust in the attacked brand. Worst still, key marketplaces and social media are often unwittingly complicit by putting counterfeits on the same virtual aisles as real products.

A magnifying glass enlarges everything, without any bias or preference for what it presents. Like the accessible and versatile tool that inspired its development, can find any type of intellectual property right  on the Internet, including on NFT marketplaces. can flush out counterfeits from hundreds of sites, including key marketplaces and social media platforms, so that customers are not mislead by fake listings on reputable platforms. This is particularly important in sales periods such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Holiday season when customers, expecting great deals, may be less wary of extremely low prices that are usually indicative of scams.

Thanks to IP Metro’s holiday season offer, any company big or small can take advantage of and ensure brand use is adequately reported on a daily basis until the New Year!

For a global fee of €995, brand use and abuse will be monitored on 8 of the most common marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Shopee, Rakuten, AliExpress, Mercado Libre, Etsy and Taobao) and 2 major social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) between November 15th and December 31st. Start your free trial on the Magnify+ website!

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