Jean-Christophe Vignes

Hi — My name is JC. I am the CEO of IP Metro. A lawyer and an entrepreneur, I have served as in-house counsel in IT companies for more than 20 years, and I co-founded or was part of the C-suite of several startups. I joined IP Metro because I shared Bart’s – a friend of 15 years – frustration with existing ‘solutions’. I know one can manage a huge IP portfolio using a good Excel spreadsheet, I just don’t believe they should be forced to do so because of the complexity and lack of hands-on experience of the dominant market players. Magnify.Plus is much more powerful than a spreadsheet, but my team’s goal is to continuously make it as easy to use!  

As the General Counsel for a leading Registrar, I had first-hand experience in the damage and chaos that cybersquatting can bring to companies and their customers. This also put me in a unique position to help create a leading European player in Online Brand Protection. An experienced arbitrator, I was also an advisor to the Czech Arbitration Court, helping them become a UDRP provider.  

A veteran in the ICANN community, I was closely involved with the design of trademark blocking systems such as AdultBlock and UNR’s Extended Protection Service, because sometimes defensive registration is not the answer. As CEO of OpenRegistry, I have also supported 15+ key brands such as Deloitte, DHL, KPN and Sapo in their efforts to secure a Top Level Domain. I am using the same pro-active approach at the service of brands when leading IP Metro.

From my time as a journalist and writer, I also know how useful the right content can be to promote a brand and reassure customers. This is why while other providers focus on fear uncertainty and doubt, has been designed to allow law firms and their customers to also find positive mentions of a brand. Some clients use it to evaluate the success of their marketing campaigns and others ensure that franchisees spread the latest message.

I am proficient in French (native) and English, with notions of Spanish.