Hugo Lourenço

Hi - my name is Hugo. I'm the CTO of IP Metro. A computer science engineer and entrepreneur I have over 15+ years of extensive experience in the IT industry with extensive knowledge of project life cycle and related processes.specialized in B2B platforms and Software as a Service.  

At IP Metro, I oversee the overall development of Magnify.Plus, ensuring the platform remains stable and flexible to accommodate the needs of our customers. Thanks to my years of experience in Agile development, I have set up the platform to be reactive and able to integrate customization requests and new content channels in a matter of weeks. By design, all our customers instantly benefit from such improvements. This is why Magnify.Plus gets even easier to use overtime, and how we can monitor any new Internet space that the bad actors have just begun to use.

I started my IT career right after finishing my Computer Science and Engineering studies in the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa. As an IT Consultant in one of the major consulting firms in Portugal (Novabase) I developed key competences in project management.

Throughout my career, I have worked with many different customers in business areas such as banking, insurance, government, industry and aeronautics. This gave me a unique insight into how to best integrate into their workflows and al to help them to use their IT resources in the most efficient way. Helping such companies protect their brand and promote their image on Internet through Magnify.Plus was a logical next step.

I am proficient in Portuguese (native), French and English.